Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Dove Set Free

To be real is to be transparent. When one allows another to see the inmost part of their being…without fanciful decorated edges as that of a wedding cake, but the messy stuff that ensues when a one year old child celebrates his birthday….that is real! It’s easy to pretend we have a perfect life, but then again perhaps not. I would think it more difficult to portray the person we are not, rather than the person whom we truly are and which God made us to be. But why is it we fight to the end to expose the realness of life that has happened to us. Why do we care what another thinks, when we should only care what the Great I Am knows…and He knows all…sees all…nothing is hidden. Yet hide is the very thing we try to do just as Adam and Eve after their sinful endeavor into the luscious, juicy, forbidden fruit.

It is sad indeed and often irks one to the core when encountering an individual who prides themselves in the appearance of perfection. For beneath the glitz and glam is a poor soul longing to be real…to be transparent…and share the pain this life has brought. No one who walks this Earth has a perfect life, but each carries imperfections made perfect through one solitary life…Jesus Christ. He makes all things good. He works the bad for good even when good at the time of the crisis can not be seen. Only peace can come to the soul in bondage and become like a dove set free from its cage…receive whole heartily the gift God has given in Jesus Christ…and open your wings to fly freely without guilt and condemnation, but with mercy and love.

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jessb829 said...

being real is something we all struggle with..most people are unreal because they dont think others go through the same things that they go through..but they're wrong..i dont think i started being real until i was actually in Christ..through Him i learned that everyone has their faults and we're all pretty much the same..but what really makes us unique is how we handle the situations..