Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Everything New

Goosebumps formed over my entire body and the chill of air condition made me long for the hot sun which I viewed from the pew in which I sat. I wanted to get up and leave the Wednesday evening service and warm my shivering body. Actually, I wanted to run...where...I don't know...but any place that would bring familiarity back to a lonely soul.

I fought the tears nearly allowing them to spill from my hazel eyes to my newly sunned cheeks from the day at the pool. I held the salted drops don't know...because with every song... I couldn't sing and had to tell myself to just breath deeply as I bit the inside of my lip.

I gazed at the bracelet I choose to wear. A gift from a friend I had left behind in Iowa. I moved the jewelery counter clockwise around my wrist until at last the silver cross appeared. I missed my friend and her kitchen table where we talked until our eyes grew weary and longed for sleep.

Everything is new. I couldn't call one person by name and sadly none approached to say hello to me. O how I longed for someone to notice my sad heart. They seemed to want to love their church family well and even prayed for continued unity. But I wondered... were they so caught up in themselves that they missed the chance to welcome with hospitality the new person who wanted to be included and feel a sense of family?

The pastor's message was wonderful and I found myself reminded, indeed I was not alone, but my forever friend still sat beside me comforting my lonely heart once again. My Jesus never leaves me nor forsakes me, but always pursues me and my heart which longs for his love.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hero to the Rescue

As the raging waters rise in Iowa and violent tornadoes rear their fatal blows, I sit anxiously watching the news in Pennsylvania praying our home in Iowa is kept safe. We have recently moved to the Keystone sate and left our home, which has not yet sold, empty and void of our children's laughter. After five days of severe rain totaling 11 inches as of yesterday morning; more torrential downpours were expected last evening.

When the realtor we enlisted to care for the sale of the home called and informed me of six inches of water in the basement of the historic Taft house,
I frantically began to call church family members to find someone who would sump pump the soggy mess to the street outside before the rains would come again and reach the furnace.

Finally after three phone calls, I reached my heroes! I would just like to express my sincere appreciation to Jeff Davis and Mark Schultz who came to our rescue and within an hour of making my request known were at my home and began the process of pumping the water out.

Although we only lived in this area of Iowa for 10 months, we connected with a wonderful church family at Oak Hill Baptist Church. These two men are both members at this place of worship. They are family to us because of one common denominator...Jesus Christ! Although I may naver make it back to the town founded by Mr. Taft and see these caring brothers again, I will definitely request of the Lord to have them greet me or I greet them at the pearly gates with a huge hug, a kiss of friendship, and a mighty embrace of thankfulness!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I watched a most interesting movie last evening. Actually, I only saw the last 45 minutes and I didn't even catch the title of the movie. The film portrayed a middle aged man named Jacob who was actually Christ in the flesh walking the Earth. No one in the town knew this Jacob was Christ, but he changed the people's mentality with his exuberant love. After a priest witnessed this "Jacob" bring a gentleman back to life, the towns people began to wonder, "Who is this man?"

Jacob was sent to the Vatican because of this miracle to meet the Pope. He was told, when people get to meet the Pope they usually bring a gift. When Jacob appeared before the Pope he handed him a sack of wood working tools wrapped in burlap that he had used to carve intricate wood pieces. The Pope invited this Jacob to sit beside him and Jacob proceeded to tell the Pope a story about his childhood which the Pope had never told anyone before. The Pope was astonished and Jacob told him, "Now go and do the work in which you pledged yourself to do."

The Pope clutched the burlap cloth in which the tools rested as he starred to the floor; his eye wet with tears. When he looked back to speak to Jacob...He was gone. The pope knew it was Christ Jesus. The movie ended.

So my question for all of you, would you recognize the Lord Jesus if he were to sit beside you this day in the form of an ordinary man. Would he be pleased with the work you are doing in your everyday tasks of being a mom and wife; father and husband. Is your life filled to overflowing with exuberant love or has your heart become hardened allowing hate and anger thrive and arise from a soul made to love...made to love by the hands of God.

Just as Jacob (actually Christ) gave the Pope tools. So also has Jesus given us tools to use as we walk the face of this Earth...the holy Word of God found in the Bible. In the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, we relive the intimate details of Christ and learn by his example how we too should live our lives. Christ is the ultimate testimony of love winning over all!

I plead with all who read this today, pledge yourself again to live and lead the life you promised to Jesus when you accepted him as Lord and Savior of your life. Love like you've never loved to Jesus like a phone conversation with your best friend...and I know in doing this you will recognize him and fall to your knees and kiss the Kings feet if he should happen to sit beside you in the park today!