Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Beacon of Light

It was about four years ago I was shopping at the mall in Davenport, Iowa. I went into the Christian Book store to only browse with no intention to buy a thing. But there was this beautiful painting of a lighthouse set on a hill. A white clapboard home sat close to the lighthouse in the painting with whimsical green grass swaying in the ocean wind in the forefront of the picture. I stopped and stared for a prolonged period of time at the painting. The clerk interupted my peaceful daydream state asking if I needed help. I said, "No, I was just looking." She replied, "The picture is half off." I quickly called my husband and asked if I could purchase the picture to which he answered, "Sure".

The picture has now hung on the walls of three different homes. Twice I have placed it in the dining room and with this past move I decided it matched our bedroom perfectly. I placed it on the wall right where I knew I could wake up and imagine the ocean view. Most often when I stare at the picture I am fairly close, but our bedroom is now very large and I placed a recliner on the opposite side of the room as the print.

The other evening I was sitting in the recliner and a paused from my reading to look up at the lighthouse on the wall. I did a double take squinting my eyes in disbelief. Could it really be I was seeing the face of Jesus in the light house where the beacon of light would arise to warn those at sea. I jumped from the chair and got close to the print. No, I didn't see Christ at this angle. I went back to the chair and his face appeared again. I called my son to come look at the print from the recliner...he didn't see it at first, but after about five minutes the Saviors face revealed itself to him as well. My son was amazed. Wow! What a pleasant surprise!

Sometimes when we are in the midst of a storm we get to involved...we are to close to the situation to realize God's intended choice for the plan he has for our lives. Alot of times we choose wrong in hastiness not taking the time to step back, pray, and wait on the answer from the Lord. It took me four years to realize Jesus was hidden in the painting of the lighthouse as the beacon of light. I just needed to take a step back, view it from afar, and Christ revealed his face to me!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Skepticism Extinct

What is the one thing we will be able to take with us from this Earth to our heavenly home? Those of you who know me have probably heard my answer for this question. The one thing that we will be able to take with us from this Earth to heaven....drum roll please...fellowship.

When I invite other sisters in Christ to come over for coffee and we chat, laugh, ponder, and reminds me of how it must have been for the disciples with Jesus when he walked this Earth. The relationships we build with other brothers and sisters in Christ while here and now, will continue in the heavenly realms. I love having friends over, but I will truly revel in my passion for hospitality when I am in heaven preparing to dine with my beloved Jesus and other saints.

Instead of tears caused by the sorrows of life, joy will abound in jubilant speech as we pass through the pearly gates and reach our our final destination. Skepticism will be extinct. For all who enter Zion have faith... without the one true King!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Press On!

I get so lonely sometimes. I wonder why God has brought me to this time and place. You see...I grew up in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania. All my family is there...friends...memories...are all left between the hills and the valleys of a place I called home for so long. My family and I have moved several times in the past six years. We have lived in five different homes during this span of time and in each I have packed and unpacked making my house a home for my husband and children. The latest move, which took place this past July,has now placed us in North Central Iowa amongst the cornfields, cows, and pigs.

I press on!

I get sad sometimes. I long for someone to know me. I want people to realize the heart that lies within heart which seeks to love others...but a heart which also desires to be loved. I often feel like I'm in a glass bowl with my hands and face pressed against the clear invisible barrier watching intently what others do and how they act. I begin to rap my hand against the glass, "I'm here!" I yell. But to no avail, people just keep walking past me with smiles, simple waves, and occassional hellos.

I press on!

I get mad sometimes. I get tired of false accusations from people who judge me without really knowing the person I am. I'm a tender hearted girl who has overcome much in my lifetime. Yes, I'm sure there may be others who have been dealt worse cards than the ones I once held in my hands, but who are they to cast the stone?

I press on!

So I will sit and wait in the cistern as Joseph did knowing that my Jesus has not put me there to harm or injure me, but to fill me with his refreshing rain. When I am filled and ready,he will lift me out to acheive greater good for his purpose than I could ever imagine.

I press on!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just As I Am

Please click my video clip below and then scroll back up and read my blog for today.

The year was 1977. I was 10 years old as I watched the Billy Graham Crusade one summer evening on television. He gave an alter call to thousands in the stadium that night and one little girl, me, who watched and listened with tear filled eyes. As this song played, “Just As I Am”, hundreds of people stood and walked to center stage to accept the call of a lifetime. Even though God had chosen them long before that evening, they stood to acknowledge their one true friend…Jesus. I also came to this realization that evening, Jesus loved me right where I was at…he always did…and continues to love that childlike tender heart even today. Even though there have been many times in my 31 year journey with Jesus where I walked away from him and sinned until it hurt……. he never walked away from me. He kept me safe in the palm of his hand. And as the potter with clay, molded me into the beautiful woman I am today. I take no credit for who I have become and the things I have achieved, but it is Christ in me the hope of glory! I continue grow in my faith walk even though at times I have conflict and trials. But every day my Jesus bids me to come…just as I am…he welcomes me and pardons my sin sick human frailties. He also bids you to come and partake of the living water and thirst no more that you also might find joy amidst the questioning, hurt, and anguish. He loves you more than you know…..and you’ll never know until you come to the Lamb of God.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We miss so many of the beautifully wrapped gifts from our Lord. We get busy and don't take the time to admire the beauty He reveals through His own creation. When I took my children to school this frigid morn, the sun shined brightly dancing on the freshly fallen snow. I was blinded only for a moment and then thanked my Jesus for the new day. I thank Him for the car I have to drive, for the house that I call home, and most of all for the three gifts who giggle in the back seat. A cup of hot chocolate with a dallop of whip cream and drizzled with sweet syrup brought warmth to my bones at the coffe house. Thank you Father for providing so I am able to raise my kids without working and be able to buy this cup of co-co. It is the little things we forget, but it is the little things we need to remember.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Father's Dream

As the cold artic winds blow over Iowa, the presidential campaign is in full swing with super Tuesday just a few weeks away. I don't know about you, but sometimes the news coverage and politician retorhic, can sometimes be rediculously overwhelming. I get tired of HillBill, the Obama family is not the next "Camelot", and Mit's negative ads show his true character!

However, one thing I have enjoyed is watching the older daughters of some of the candidates help their daddy's campaign. Last night, NBC evening news did a piece on two of the candidate's daughters. Meghan McCain and Sarah Huckabee have taken on the spotlight in support of their fathers, both reaching out two hope sway younger voters to choose their pops. Meghan writes on her daily blog and Sarah keeps her dad running on time to campaign events. What caught my attention as I watched with admiring eyes, is the last sentence Brain Williams reported.

"Two daughters working to help their father's achieve thier dream."

I quickly jotted the phrase down and read it over and over. One question came to mind,

"Am I helping my Father achieve His dream?"

I think it is a question we could all ask ourselves. When we meet Jesus face to face will his say,

"Thank you for helping me achieve my dream of salvation for all and love one another as I have loved you."

Will it be followed by the phrase,

"Well done good and faithful servant."

It is something to think about and consider now isn't it!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Glistening Snow

I woke up this morning excited to see how much snow had fallen. Forecaster's were predicting 2-4 inches throughout the night. My arms were folded across my body as I embraced myself trying to fight of the coolness of the morning. I reached for the ivory curtain, pulled it back a bit, and peeked a glimpse of the freshly fallen snow. The sun still lay asleep, but the lamppost light made the snow glisten as if diamonds had been planted in the white fluff. How beautiful it was for my eyes to behold. A smile pushed it's way to the front leaving sleepiness behind and I thanked my Lord for this precious day!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Which do you choose?

There are those who ignore the clear signs of a child having Autism. They refuse to believe that there is anything different. Often times, this denial proceeds to embarrassment and shame of the Autistic child. The child suffers tremendously wanting only for you to try and understand their world. If only these people would realize how much early intervention would help the child begin to cope, their shame would turn to praise and peace would abound.

There are those who are angry about a child having Autism. These people point fingers of blame to others they believe have caused this turmoil within their family. They often concentrate more on "who did it" then the needs of the child. They forget the best solution lies within themselves...that love wins over all.

Then there are parents who have embraced their Autistic child in arms of love. Some days are tearful and weary, but they always rise up for the challenges that are ahead thanking God everyday for the beautiful gift he has given! A thankful heart is one that is filled with love that spills over to the child. These parents show devotion and zeal towards their child, but their passion touches the lives of those around them compelling others towards fondness and appreciation to all children affected by Autism.

A special thanks to all parents who are willing to make a difference in the life of a chld with Autism!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Big Brother Right Again

Remember when you were little and there was nothing like your big brother or sister proving you wrong. Even worse,if you are the big brother or sister,having your younger sibling prove you wrong. Let's all rewind and replay the scene as we would leave the arena of embarassment in anguish with arms folded in disgust and billows of steam raging at full throttle from our ears and nose. While we stomped away, we heard the snickers and taunts of our kinfolk emphasize the magnitude of their rightness. remember!

Well, I was reminded only a few short moments ago of such a scenerio as my big brother has told me to push the limit with my writing. He critiqued a loving way. I am thankful for his input and value what he has told me. As a matter of fact, what he wrote back to me is worthy for everyone's eyes and not just my own. So here is his critique on my writing "Doorbell Ringing" my first post...

I think Jesus wants you to go further, dig deeper, and ask the harder questions. What would Jesus really do if you answered the door looking the way you do and spouting off to the kids, dog, and hubby. We heard him knock or even if you opened the door by chance and there HE is, look at it from Christ perspective when you opened the door. I am sure Christ is smiling the door is open and hope is filling the room. Engery begins to build at the door and everyone wonders what is going on becuase the silence is deafaning.

Then Jesus speaks; I am hear to help, what can I do for you right now? What would you say then? How would you act? Would you hurry him in the house so noone would see, fall to your knee in all the forgotten worship you have not shown, or maybe shout out to the neighborhood in a way that says, HEY! Look at me, he picked my house!

I would hope you would invite Christ in; not just because he holds the power of life and death, not because he is the Alpha and Omega, and not beacuse he is the Son of God. Mostly, because he is your friend! The one person who has NEVER judged the way you look or corrected you for yelling at someone too harshly. He's the kind of friend who goes to the luandry room, starts another load of wash while you're folding the clothes in the dryer. He's the kind of friend you will play a game with your kids while you go have a nuclear meltdown. He's the kind of friend you can celebrate best of every experience even when you have fallen 35,000 feet through the roof of your house, and each floor, only to arrive face first on the basement floor.

"I am always there for you my child. I will NEVER leave nor forsake you. Even when you can see me, feel me, or hope... I AM!"

Thanks big brother!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Doorbell Ringing

What a profound thing....I'm getting older. My kids are getting older. My husband is getting older. I ponder for a moment about time. What has passed and what I need to do right now to get me to what is on the agenda for tomorrow or maybe next week. All the while, I stay very busy often exhausting myself to misery on the couch by eight at night unable to locate joy on the remote and searching for something to watch on the tube that isn't a rerun.

My life seems out of whack at the moment with clean floors and undecorating after Christmas a top priority. I spent the entire day making piles of things to pack away and vowing never to use gold tinsel upon the tree again. Why? All in hopes for a good impression if someone perhaps came to the door? Utterly silly! I asked myself,

"What if Jesus came to the door today...what would He have thought?"

First, I would have probably yelled at my kids and my husband to grab the dog so he would not escape upon opening the door. Second, I would have realized I was still in my flannel pajamas at 2 pm and had not donned my face paint. Thirdly, no comb had run through my hair which was made fun of only moments earlier by my kids. Last, but not least I didn't even realize that Jesus was knocking because I was to busy running up the stairs informing my husband that he would have to answer the door.

Jesus has been knocking at my door wanting to talk awhile with me. Clean or unclean....Jesus will meet me right where I'm at this very moment. Christ knocks longing for me to open the door of my heart and talk awhile with Him. He is the answer to my unclean house. He is the only one who can rid me of the piles of packing I have accumulated.

Excuse me, my doorbell is ringing and I'm going to answer it this time!