Monday, April 15, 2013

Sweet Scarlet

It has been an extremely sad weekend for my family. A beautiful little girl named Scarlet entered through the gates of heaven. She was a full term baby that was found to be still born early this past Friday morning. She was beautiful…perfect in every way…an angelic face unblemished. A very rare twisting of the inside of the umbilical cord caused a fatal blood clot.

Her mother and father, my cousins, are left inconsolable and full of grief. The entire family is trying to understand the one burning question, “Why?” As for myself, I would love to be home in Pittsburgh today for the funeral and wrap my arms around them and hug them tightly and grieve a little while with them. But work has caused me to stay put until the end of the week when I have a four days off and will have time to go home.

But for now I will share a little poem I wrote to help me grieve at this time…



She was taken before she could be touched by human hands,

Held first in the arms of Jesus,

No pain….

No sorrow….

Will her precious heart ever know,

Only joy and happiness will abound in heavens home.



She will giggle as she runs through the tall grass,

And picks a bouquet of wild flowers,

To hand to her Father and King,

Together they sit beside the peaceful shore,

And toss stones that skip across the calm waters.


Scarlet is the perfect child,

With a perfect heart,

Who never sinned,

And always remains innocent,

She is happy and rejoices,

As she dances in the arms of Jesus forever more.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Life Evolves

I feel life changing right before my very eyes. I guess it didn’t happen suddenly, but it seems suddenly upon me at this time. I took my oldest son out yesterday for a strawberry shake after school. As he sat across from me tall, slim, and handsome, I could still see his childhood face. But now before me was a young man…18 years old and going off to college in the fall. I laughed as he told me I looked young to have a child as old as him. He knows the way to his mother’s heart.

Later the same evening, we celebrated my daughter’s 16th birthday. She was absolutely beautiful as she sat smiling over her cupcakes in the glow of the candles as we sang “happy birthday” to her. She doesn’t think she is ready to drive yet (which is fine by me), but at times a feel I barely see her as her bedroom has become her favorite room.

And then there is my sweet Samuel. He is nearing 12 years old (next month) and growing taller by the minute. I have come to love and cherish the moments he sits next to me on the couch and cuddles. I just want to make him stay little and not grow up on me.

I guess you could say I miss my babies. Abe (my oldest son) is gone this weekend to Myrtle Beach on a band trip. It will just be the four of us at home…a big reminder of what it is going to be like this fall when Abe leaves for Middle Tennessee State University. And in a couple of years it will just be Samuel when my daughter leaves for college. Then Samuel will be gone too and then it will just be Bill and I…back where we started…just the two of us.

I have no regrets of the time I spent and the sacrifices I made for my children.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Good Day

So, I am sitting here in the quietness of the early evening…daylight  still makes its presence known and the soft breeze of spring flows past the swaying curtain to touch the skin of my face. The smell of the fresh air awakens my soul and fills me with peace as the birds sing in the tree beyond the window pane.
Looking forward to this view of my front yard in a few short weeks!
It is in this moment of tranquility; I am reminded most of what it must be like in heaven. But instead of birds singing, angels will praise in harmony sweet adoration to the King who gave His life for me…who gave His life for you. I can’t imagine…or should I say…what I imagine… will not come close to the gloriousness which will be seen and heard on that day of homecoming.

Today was a good day and I just want to breath in deeply, exhale slowly, and just take it all in and remember how it feels to remind me when the not so good days come…and they will come…that the good day waits just around the corner as I continue this journey called life walking daily hand in hand with my Savior Jesus.