Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pain, Pain Go Away

The rain beats down on my window pane and the thunder rumbles in the evening sky. The lightning flashes across the black abyss and brings a glint of light to the storm. As quickly as the rain poured down, it has hushed now to nothing at all…not even a pitter pat can be heard. It is silent except for the tap of my finger tips on the key pad and the roll of a distant thunder.

Sometimes the pain within us is deep and sometimes it is shallow. But no matter where the pain sits, in the back row or front and center, it only causes a deep chasm stealing life from our soul and weaving death into our daily walk. The saddest part of pain is the wall of protection built to safeguard ourselves from our deepest need…what God created us for…fellowship with Him.

When the storm is intense, the stress level high, and all you want to do is run…pain sits in the front row with applause and conviction that run is what we need to do. But if we would just stop and hush our mind from the race it thinks it can win, we would find the Spirit in the yawning fissure lighting the way to the path of peace in the arms of our Abba.

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mrsforeman said...

I really NEEDED to read this RIGHT NOW! I guess I should thank God and not you but, thanks to you anyway for reminding me that "pain" of any sort takes the focus off the Father. I need to fix my eyes on Him.
Blessings to you.