Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Prayer Tonight

I love you Lord and I hope you know how much I love you. Some may think it silly and futile that I put so much weight and worth in one single man who I refer to as my first love and my best friend. And even though I have been a bit mad at you lately, I still remain your child…whom you love endlessly… despite my faults, sins, and imperfections. I am thankful for this love for without it, I would have never known its true meaning.  

I’ve been sad lately. My heart aches for so many different reasons …oh yeah…I forgot…you already know everything. But I don’t understand and I’m trying real hard to just trust you. I know it may not seem like it when I try to fix things or want an answer now and not wait for you to reveal your perfect plan. And the voices that tell me I’m not worth much, I’m no good, no one likes me, you’ll never be anything…Lord please take them away and remind me always that I am somebody because I am your child hand made by you.
I am lonely. ..lonely because of my own hang ups…I don’t trust others well because of all that stuff that happened when I was younger…oh yeah…I forgot…you already know. I know you gave me the mom and dad I have because you needed traits from both of them to make the person you made in me to do the work you prepared in advance for me to do. But I’m tired of trying to figure it all out. Do you think you could just help me find some rest? Please lead me back to your faithful arms and embrace me with your nail pierced hands that I might smell the sweet scent of your robe and smile once again.
I know your Word tells me that you make all things beautiful in your time…so help me be patient and wait on you. In the mean time, let me thirst for your Word and enjoy quiet moments with you as you begin to heal my hurt heart. Thank you my faithful friend and Father.
Your beloved daughter,

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Sarah R said...

That was lovely and poignant. Sounds like I'd something I'd write to our Heavenly Father also. It is so hard to wait for answers. *hugs*