Monday, July 14, 2014

The Art of Fellowship

I heard a pastor on television state yesterday that becoming Christ like was the reason we become Christians.  It might have not been his exact words, but that is how I remember it. Although I agree we are to become more Christ like once we make Him Lord of our life, I do not believe it is the main reason God wants us to become one of His children.

Some how...somewhere...we lost the art of fellowship. We have become so use to having our noses and eyes focused on some electronic device we have forgotten about the real person who sits beside us. Also, we have detached ourselves from the One who desires to hear our voice the most...Jesus. I believe the Father wants most and endlessly longs for...the sound of our voice...the voice He gave conversation with Him. God created us first and foremost for fellowship with Him. Maybe I am wrong in my thinking (it would not be the first time), but God made each one of us different, unique, and special...and only I can give back to Him what He created me to be.

When we put fellowship with Christ first in prayer, Bible reading, and solitude, the Christ likeness in our lives begins to happen. We can not BE more Christ like if we don't KNOW Christ and His ways.

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