Monday, January 25, 2016

Heavenly Hug

The moon in all its brightness peeked from behind the pine trees as dawn approached. As I turned and faced the opposite direction, there before my eyes was the start of the rising sun. The white rippled clouds had purple hues and shades of red and pink as the top of the sun began to appear on the hillside. A beautiful morning indeed with shades of His glory embracing the depths of my soul. It was if my heavenly Father wrapped me up in a big hug between the hems of His white linen robe. A special, “I love you”… sent from heaven above!

“Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him all ye stars of light.”

~Psalm 148:3

1 comment:

marygems said...

What JOY your words evoked.........thank you for sharing this intimate moment with the King of Kings.
He loves it when we RECEIVE His Heavenly HUGS, I know.
I feel like I have just received one reading this post and my spirit has lifted.

Bless you.