Saturday, February 2, 2008


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Well it is February and that is a good thing! It means January is over and March is coming. It means Spring is on the way with warmer weather! This year the lent season starts this month with Ash Wednesday falling on February 6th. February is also my birthday month, but there is also another anniversary I still morn over in the month of February. The death of my beloved Grandma on February 25th. It will be four long years this month since I received the phone call from tear stricken father who told me Grandma was finally home. I fell to the floor in agony crying out was suppose to wait until I got home one last time to see her...hold her hand...whisper that I loved her in her ear as I embraced her with a hug.

The picture above is one of the happiest days of my life. I married a truly wonderful man that day and I got to dance with my Grandma. I look at that picture today and I see two women who resembled each other more than I realized. Our faces...especially our noses...and the hands with fingers seperated. I long for that touch again!

I can't imagine the glory God has bestowed upon one of his faithful servants and I'm happy for her...truly happy. But I also get homesick for heaven to see her again. Sometimes I just close my eyes, take a deep breath, and let my mind wonder about the day I will see her again. I've even prayed and asked the Lord to have her meet me at the gate to welcome me. And on some sad days when all I can do is cry and wish she were here...I ask God to tell her I miss her and love her still. I want to hold her hand and walk the winding river and sit and talk under the tree of life. While I wait I know she would want me to...

Delight myself in the Lord and find my joy in Him. She would tell me to be known for my gentelness, and never forget the nearness of my God. She wouldn't want me to worry, whatever comes my way...she would say...tell Him every detail and the peace of God that no one understands will come to you. Just tell Him every detail and His peace will come to you.

I know on my next wedding day, when Jesus comes to take his bride, I will dance with her again!

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mm1985 said...

Shannon, I know you miss her. It is so hard to let go, when you love someone so much. I love the picture of you and your precious, Grandmother. Cherish those memories and thank you for sharing them with us.

Love and peace,