Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hero to the Rescue

As the raging waters rise in Iowa and violent tornadoes rear their fatal blows, I sit anxiously watching the news in Pennsylvania praying our home in Iowa is kept safe. We have recently moved to the Keystone sate and left our home, which has not yet sold, empty and void of our children's laughter. After five days of severe rain totaling 11 inches as of yesterday morning; more torrential downpours were expected last evening.

When the realtor we enlisted to care for the sale of the home called and informed me of six inches of water in the basement of the historic Taft house,
I frantically began to call church family members to find someone who would sump pump the soggy mess to the street outside before the rains would come again and reach the furnace.

Finally after three phone calls, I reached my heroes! I would just like to express my sincere appreciation to Jeff Davis and Mark Schultz who came to our rescue and within an hour of making my request known were at my home and began the process of pumping the water out.

Although we only lived in this area of Iowa for 10 months, we connected with a wonderful church family at Oak Hill Baptist Church. These two men are both members at this place of worship. They are family to us because of one common denominator...Jesus Christ! Although I may naver make it back to the town founded by Mr. Taft and see these caring brothers again, I will definitely request of the Lord to have them greet me or I greet them at the pearly gates with a huge hug, a kiss of friendship, and a mighty embrace of thankfulness!

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