Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Exhilerating, Beautiful, and Full of Hope

Last evening I went for a nice long walk. I slipped my mp3 player into my pocket and pushed the earphones deep into my ears. I was longing to listen to some good praise music and take a stroll with Jesus.

As I pounded the pavement, my arms swinging in full motion to get the most of my exercise, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of my Savior in the nature surrounding me. It was exhilerating as the the sun began to set in it's brilliant array of orange and yellow. The sight to my eyes was breathtaking as I gazed beyond the landscape to the the tall hills in the distance. When I got to the peek of the highest hill I would have to climb, I wanted to run...I wanted to run and scream with my hands held high proclaiming just how much I love my Lord. I wanted to, but I didn't thinking my new neighbors would think I was a crazy woman and not allow their children to play with!
Jesus my friends makes life exhilerating, beautiful, and full of hope. I'm just an ordinary person, but knowing Jesus makes me extraordinary ! It gives me great joy to serve such an awesome man! A man who gave his life for me....for little 'ole me!

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