Thursday, December 11, 2008

Play Your Drum

It was evening, but the sky was bright, lit by an amazing star that brought brilliance and joy to the darkness. The sound of a baby’s coo from the manger’s straw floor and the sight of a man and woman gazing in wonderment made the night glow even brighter.First, cattle appeared, then goats and sheep, followed by shepherds from the fields. They came…they bowed…they wept kissing the baby’s hand and the mother’s cheek.

The boy watched from afar between the rails of a fence. His drum and drumsticks, the only thing he owned, lay quietly beside him as he continued to watch unknowingly the event of a lifetime. He witnessed others come and set gifts down as they bowed before the babe. The little drummer boy was so intrigued and wanted so much to get a little closer. Hours had passed and now sitting beside his drum, he came to the exciting conclusion that this child must be a King. This child, he thought, must be the one his grandfather had told him about…the child that would come to save the sin sick world.

O, how he wanted to get a glimpse of the baby, but he had no gift. How could he walk up to a King and have no gift to give? His chin collapsed to his chest and he closed his eyes in utter disappointment of not having something fitting for a King. His eyes felt wet and when he opened them a tear drop raced down his cheek. He raised his hand to wipe the tear and the sound of his drumsticks rolling off the top of his drum caused him to look at his only possession.

“My drum…I’ll play my drum for the one who will save me!”

He picked the drum up, slung it around his neck, and stood tall clasping a drumstick in each sweaty hand. He took a deep breath and began to play, prrrr rump pa pum pum…his feet began to move and march in military style…prrrr rump pa pum pum…those who were standing…those who were bowing…the animals and the baby’s mother looked towards the small boy. The sound of his drum echoed sweetness to all! Tears flooded the drummer boy’s face, but he dared not stop giving the only gift he had to offer. It was all he had to give his King!

Will we as God’s children choose to get off the fence and give back to our King the gift He has given us as the little drummer boy did? Will we be bold enough to put Christ back into Christmas and march to the beat of a different drum by using our God given gifts to echo the sweetness of Jesus to those around us? Do you fear your Lord enough that you dare not stop giving the only gift you have to offer? If you feel you have no gift to give, share the one gift that has been given to you…the story of Jesus Christ!


a corgi said...

I wrote in my journal today how the Lord laid it upon my heart what really matter for me and that was to pray for the "lost" that didn't know Jesus; and I asked him to bring me the lost, the hurting, I want to share Jesus with them; good entry! its the best gift we can give to anyone any time of the year :)


Dina said...

Beautiful story and much needed encouragement in the last paragraph.

mm1985 said...

Beautiful, one of your best pieces!