Monday, February 9, 2009

Gift or Talent?

When I'm down I love to dance! So today I put one of my most loved Christian groups, Selah, into the player and blasted the music. I sang. I danced. I praised my Father. It was an awesome time with my Lord. I held the mic, pointed to the crowd (even though I was the singer and the audience), and tears flowed freely as I thanked my Jesus. The whole half hour was a grand time and made me think of the one gift I had not yet touched since we moved to Pennsylvania. Actually, I had not opened this gift in nearly two years. The last time I held the gift in my hands, Satan made me feel...I allowed Satan to make me feel terribly unworthy and incapable of the gift. The kids came home and I once again pushed the desire of the gift to the back of my brain.

Later, after dinner, I wanted to listen to my music again. I sent the kiddos upstairs to study AWANA books and read their Bibles and I pushed the play button. As I listened, quite restrained from earlier, the urge came back to get my much loved gift out. I raised my body from the couch, climbed the stairs, went through my bedroom, got on the floor in my walk in closet, and began to search for my gift. It didn't take long to find the black case. It had seen it's better years and no longer has a handle. So I picked it up, cradled it in my arms, carried it to my bed, and opened the case.

The red crushed velvet kept the the stringed instrument clean. I just stared at the beauty of the violin for a moment and then glanced at the two bows with loose horse strands that needed a good pulling. I placed the chin pad on the instrument and then the fiddle in the crook of my neck. I plucked the strings and fine tuned it. The "A" peg still slipped as I remembered. I began to play..."I Need Thee"...fiddled "Power in the Blood"...went into "Dance"...then ended with "I Love You Lord". I attempted "Old Rugged Cross" and then played my favorite..."Amazing Grace".

Some might say to play a violin is a talent and maybe not a gift. I should have to agree. The gift the Lord has given me is...I do not use music...I play by ear. I can read music, but I just like to see if I can kick the tune out without the music. Actually, the talent and the gift probably intermix with each other, but all I know is...I pleased my Heavenly Father tonight. I played for Him.


mrsforeman said...

What a precious gift. May you always seek to play for Him and Him alone. Don't let Satan taunt you he didn't give you the gift and it's not for him anyway. Play on!

mm1985 said...

I wish I could have been there to hear you play. Don't stop playing!