Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was told by my uncle this past weekend that I have "tenacity". I've pondered his statement for most of this week wondering if my personality reflected this word. Tenacity is derived from the root word tenacious. The definition of tenacious has some good things, but maybe some things that aren't so good as a reflection of ones character. The synonyms for tenacious are very animal like...bullheaded, dogged, pigheaded, and mulish. I prefer not to relate myself to these snorting, barking, oinking, he hawing creatures.

So let's just say I tend to hold persistently to my Jesus and cling to the nail pierced hand of my Master. I hold fast to the Word of God and try earnestly to retain it to memory. If I am obstinate or stubborn, it is only because I truly believe in the my Immanuel and His great and precious promises.

I am a tenacious child of God!

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