Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Mind Conspiracy

He entered the room kicking the dust from his sandals against the frame of the doorway. He looked behind him down the path he had just walked, hoping that no one knew he had just come from talking to the priest. He wondered if any one suspected his plot. Could he carry out the plan he thought to himself? He seated himself at the table to feast and dine in the fellowship of friends. His mind was split in two. The evil one pulled him down drowning his thoughts with lies and half truths.

“You need the money!” he would spew in a raspy whisper from the depths of darkness.

Then the other side, the one of goodness and truth, would utter in love with a soft and gentle air,“He loves you more than you know!"

"Don’t listen to that sweet voice, listen to mine!” uttered the raspy whisper. “He has not done enough for you!He really doesn’t love you as much as he claims!”

He looked around the room at all who were there and truly hoped that none knew of the conspiracy that brewed within his mind. He was shaken from his deep obsession by a hello of a friend who made his place beside him. As he began to chat, the shadows of darkness began to swirl within his mind.

“Don’t trust this person. He is not your friend. I’m your friend. Listen to me! This man will never do as he says…he is no different than you. You will be held up high and him in lowliness if only you listen to me!”

He took his bread and dipped into his soup catching only partially the conversations around him amidst the controversy within his own head. As he waited for the main dish to appear, he crossed his arms and lifted one hand and tapped his lips with his fingers remembering the kiss that would come soon.

I can only imagine the conspiracy within Judas Iscariot’s mind as he sat at the Last Supper. When Jesus announced that someone in that very room would betray him, I wonder if Judas really heard Christ or did the voices of evil drone out the spirit of light.

We all have those voices from time to time that bid us to the choices we make in life. Where the mind is the body follows. Where is your mind today? Is it clothed in the armor of God to defend from the arrows of the evil one? (Eph. 6:10-20) Or does the spirit of depression and loneliness rule over the Prince of Peace this day? If you are troubled today and your mind is at battle, claim this scripture….pray this scripture…

“Get behind me, Satan! You are an offense to me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.” Matthew 16:23

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mm1985 said...

I love it and the other writings! You are doing a great job!

Love you!