Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fragrance of Grace

The windows were open and the lace curtains pushed back off the frame dancing freely in the spring air. The smell of the crisp soft gale was clean and rejuvenating from the rain that spilled from the heavens the night before. I stood in front of the opened window. The curtains almost touching me and the gentle wind swept softly against my cheeks. I took a deep slow breath trying to capture the beauty of the morning air. At the height of my inhale, I held my breath and closed my eyes seeking to hold onto the sweetness of the moment for as long as possible. I slowly exhaled and opened my eyes. I looked beyond the frame of the window to the pasture. I marveled at the color pallet of the brilliant green set against the peaceful blue sky.

I whispered softly to my sweet Savior,

“Thank you Lord for this piece of heaven revealed to me today. I’m grateful for the smell of your sweet presence in the refreshing rain and the touch of your gentle hand in the quiet breeze. Remind me of this moment today and quicken me to love others with the same love you have touched me with in the beauty of your creation!”

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