Monday, June 1, 2009

Do you have a hard time accepting compliments from others? When someone gives you an accolade do you turn around and put yourself down in the very next breath? I know I do this to much and too often. I have come to realize this is just as much a sin as it is for one to be prideful in themselves, talents, or gifts.

Think of this...God sends someone to build up and edify the very gift He gave to you. Through this person, God encourages us to continue on the good work which He has set upon our heart to do. Immediately, we take and tear down exactly what God wanted to build up in us...confidence. We rip to shreds the unique creation God made in His own image.

I once did this very thing after receiving a compliment from a pastor's wife at a church in Iowa. She really liked the outfit I had on and the way I had done my hair that day. I quickly spoke and put my body down, the clothes as old rags, and my hair well it just wouldn't cooperate. I'll never forget what she said to me,

"Shannon, just say thank you ."

As women, we are hard on ourselves. We always seem to think we just don't measure up or we could be better. How about we stop putting ourselves down and making our Heavenly Father cringe with disappointment. Let's accept a compliment with a simple...."thank you" and then also thank our God for who He made us to be...His wonderful creation!

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mm1985 said...

Amen, so true! Thanks for the reminder, dear friend!