Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prayer Changes Things...My Ruthie!

I see bunny ears and ponytails, snacks, a yawn here and a yawn there, and tired eyes…but all beautiful children in the eyes of the Lord! I’m thankful for the last two weeks in which I have worked as a teacher’s aide helping some special kids make their way thru the school day. I’m even more thankful for my own children and the precious gift God has given me…especially for my girl Ruthie. It’s not that I love Ruthie more than my two boys, but my girl…she has Autism. I have to love her differently at times as I continue to try and understand the world as she sees it.

Even though I have enjoyed my time working, I have missed my quiet moments in the morning with my best friend Jesus. So last night, tired and exhausted, I reached for the closest Bible. It was my daughter’s…Ruthie’s NIV children’s Bible. As I flipped the pages, I noticed a large amount of underlined passages…from beginning to end of this great book. I began stop and read the underscored sections. After some time, I began to cry for I realized the overwhelming amount of importance God’s word meant to my Autistic daughter…a child who socially has a difficult time with relationships. I clasped her Bible tightly against my chest as my eyes now cried a river of salted drops.

When Ruthie was diagnosed nearly three years ago with Autism, I grieved severely. I wondered often how she could have a personal relationship with Jesus, if she had this inability to interact socially without my constant prompting to get her to converse with others or answer a question, how could she talk with Jesus. I cried out to God…I’m talking on my knees wailing like a baby…that Ruthie would know Jesus and know this man I had fallen in love with at her age. Yes, often times I begged Him. Do you think God heard my prayers? My answer finally came last night when I open the pages of her Bible. Never give up! Prayer changes things! Thank you Jesus, Ruthie's big daddy, for dancing with your girl and my Cinderella!