Tuesday, January 24, 2012

His Love Song

As the wind whips and the branches bow, I think of His almighty power to turn water into wine, make the blind man see, and remove the rock from the tomb. He is amazing, this man I call friend. He is my applause and confidence as I champion my life for his glory. Though others might sneer and snicker behind my back, I only try to let God work and love others threw me. I am his vessel.

It does me no good to harbor a grudge against that of another man. This only breeds toxins in my soul and blocks the very love I so desire to please. It brings sadness to my Lord when I lay bricks of sin around my heart and deadens the relationship he longs for and deeply desires…fellowship with me! But he never leaves me in these troublesome occasions, but continues through the precious Holy Spirit to whisper his love song to me.

And then…I feel his touch deep within and fall to my knees. I ask for forgiveness once again. The bricks of sin which I had built no longer stand, no longer stand, but have been removed by my Saviors hands through the precious blood of the lamb.

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