Monday, May 26, 2014

A Perfect Gift

I was reminded today of a very familiar smell. It was the fragrance of the beautiful lilac. As I walked, the sweet aroma filled my soul and I turned to find just where the flower was planted.  I had passed the shrub already, but admired the soft lavender color. It reminded me of my grandma Bowser. She had an amazing white lilac bush planted in her front yard. Every spring it would bloom and cascading from the top of the bush to the bottom was a fountain of white glory. The smell filled the air and the fragrance is one I will never forget.

When I finished with my walk, it was time to sit with Jesus for awhile. I didn’t know what to read this morning, but turned to the book of James. I read the first chapter and was again quickly reminded of my loving grandma Bowser with a verse which remains my favorite for her…

“Every good and perfect gift is from above coming down

from the Father of heavenly lights

who does not change like shifting shadows.”

James 1:17

Her memory still abides deep within my heart and etched forever in my soul is her love for me. I still long some days for just one more conversation with her…to sit at my Aunt Carol’s round kitchen table next to her and have her reach to touch my hand. I wish for one more hug  and for her to whisper in my ear…”Jesus loves you.”. But most of all I miss her letters of wisdom and hope she sent to me over the period of many years. I still have those hand written notes and they will always remain my nuggets of joy until I see her again. Someday heaven!

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marygems said...

a beautiful post.
God uses our senses such a smell to add another dimension of blessing to our lives- He is so very good.

Mary, New Zealand.