Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Glimpse of Grandma

She sat in Bible study slight in frame and sitting a bit lower than her younger hopeful scholars. Her Bible lay open between her elbows which rested comfortably on the table and her hands hung gracefully above the precious Word of God as I glimpsed a bit of shimmer from her pearl nail polish.

She had no resemblance to my Grandmother except she was older or should I say wiser in her years. Grandma has been gone now for almost five years and I miss her dearly. I often pray to my Jesus and talk to him about just how much I miss her. Even though she is in heaven with her Savior, I feel deep in my heart she is closer than I think…even though we may be separated for a time. Often during this prayer time with my Lord, I will ask him to tell her I said hello, I miss her, I love her, and I can’t wait to see her again! I don’t know if the message gets relayed to my Grandma or not, but I know she will be part of my welcoming committee when I get to heaven.

I had lunch at my home after the morning study. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with other women. She came to the luncheon as well walking in with her cane and light cream colored jacket. My grandma also used a cane in her last years. When I came and sat at the table where she sat, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful beaded jewelry with intense purples, soft pinks, and a hint of magenta. It matched perfectly with her sweater. She probably didn’t realize I had been watching her so much today. When she left, she turned around slightly on my brick side walk with the crunch of leaves beneath her feet and said, “I forgot to say thank you.” I walked from my font door to meet her on the walk way and embraced her with a hug. It was a sweet hug. I wished it would have lasted forever. I wished even more when I pulled my head away from hers and smiled I would have been looking at my Grandma.

Tears stream down my face this moment as I write this piece. I am thankful for Flora today. She gave me a glimpse of my Grandma this day. I am thankful that God allowed me a taste of what I have missed for almost five years.

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mm1985 said...


I have tears in my eyes...yesterday would have been my Grandmother Katherine's 88th B-day. It has been almost 5 years since my Grandmother went to be with Jesus. I miss her very much. Thank you for sharing from you heart. I'm glad you had a glimpse today.