Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jesus is Coming Soon!

When I was younger and heard others talk about the end times, in my mind I always thought...."hmmmm you are just trying to scare people". I don't know what has happened to me, but within the last six weeks, I must confess, the Holy Spirit has impressed upon me often that indeed...JESUS IS COMING SOON!

I'm not writing this to cause people, especially people I love, to be afraid. Nor do I think I can predict the day when Jesus comes for no one knows the day nor the hour of His arrival. I am writing so you might be ready for the return of our Lord.

During my prayer time, I have felt very impressed to come before the Lord with a contrite heart. A heart of confessing my sin and a heart seeking to turn from an about face...look toward the light and away from wicked ways. The word “wicked” includes all deliberate, willful disobedience—not just violent crimes such as murder.

I beg you all to come and know the Lamb of God for time is short. I desire to dance on the streets of gold with all of you. I hope to meet you at the tree of life and walk the winding river of life where joy abounds for evermore. I hope for you to come to know King Jesus and for those who already have made Jesus Lord of their life...I pray you too would come before Abba our father and talk awhile having a contrite heart willing to turn from your wicked ways and walk in obedience to our Lord!

"I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes..." Romans 1:16

"If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14

I will continue to... "Forget what is behind and strain toward what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for that which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." Philippians 3:13-14

To God be the glory forever and ever! Amen! Love and Peace to all from a humble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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