Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cooking in the Kitchen - A Gift from God

Today is such a blustery day in Eastern Pennsylvania. The wind whips and breaks the last few leaves off the trees causing separation from its limb of life until next spring. The rain bounces in a pitter pat against the glass of the windows and then rolls down the panes much like that of tear drops racing down the face of a broken heart.

Although it is beautiful to sit on the couch and watch the stormy day from our french doors, when it rains or snows my soul is stirred to move to the kitchen. There is nothing better to lift the spirits of a dreary day than the smell of good food. I finished the pumpkin seeds in the oven first which the kids pulled from our pumpkin carving over the weekend. Lots of salt was needed! I then made cut out sugar cookies in the shape of leaves and pumpkins and sprinkled them with orange and black gems. One fell apart when placed on the cooling rack. I'm not kidding...the cookie screamed my name and begged me to eat it....lol....I did. It was very tasty!

Finally lunch time rolled around and I decided to cook up some angel hair pasta. I sizzled some fresh mushrooms, red onions, green and red peppers, spinach (aren't you proud of me Michelle), with some fabulous fresh garlic. It was quick, easy, and wonderfully scrumptious!

I love days like these in the kitchen. I wonder sometimes since I love preparing food so much, what job will God have for me in heaven? Will I help prepare for banquets of celebration and joy or might I be so privileged to cook for Jesus every day. Wow! What a thought!

I believe my coffee is done and another cookie is calling...lol!!!

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mm1985 said...

How I miss time spent at your house! LOL, I would have had the cookie too.

Have a blessed day!