Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gentle Nudges

It would have been easy for me to stay in the choir loft as the other singers stood to go down front and sing an unexpected I had never sung...let alone one I had never before heard. I contemplated sitting and not participating. My son sat beside me and was going to do the same. He didn't know the song either. But when it was time to get up, we both stood with all the others and moved towards the alter to sing.

I began to have these God conversations in my head...has this ever occurred with anyone else? What in the world am I doing Lord? I don't know this song? I don't even know the beat? I looked at Sue who lined up beside me and said quietly,

"I'm just going to lip sync."

We both chuckled as she informed me it had been a long time since any of them sung the song. I don't know what happened, but Alli began on the guitar and my lip syncing quickly turned into me audibly singing. I won't say it was the best song we've ever done in the short time I have been singing in the praise choir, but we got through it.

I realized when we had finished I had put myself out on the edge of nowhere...challenged...not knowing if I could produce. But I chose to try. I chose not to be defeated without even an ounce of effort. I know God helped me and was reminded again there is nothing we can not do or accomplish when the Savior is holding us up. I can't fail when he is on my side. Sure, I will have set backs, but in the end I will always have victory for if He is for me who can be against me?

Dear Heavenly Father...thank you for the victory we have in Christ Jesus. Thank you for your gentle nudges through the power of the Holy Spirit which push us in your direction to come closer to you! Help me always to remember I have the same power that rose my friend Jesus from the grave and because of this nothing is impossible!


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Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

Amen, Sister! I love this post!! And, I echo this prayer!!!!

Shannon, thanks so much for visiting my place and THANKS for the kind and very encouraging comments. Of course you may print my prayer.

It is a pleasure "meeting" you! I hope to get to know you better. You have beautiful blogs!!!!