Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gone, Not Forgotten

I miss her with all my heart. She was lovely in every way. The most humble person I have ever known who loved her Lord with all her heart. I'll say it again...I miss her. My grandmother Bowser was indeed a blessing to all who knew her. Her radiant italian olive skin and soft supple hands though laden with arthritis were beautiful. I remember when we danced at my wedding and the time she came to my home to hold my new born son for the first time. When I travel home to western Pennsylvania over the winding country roads I wish she were here for me to hug and whisper "I love you" in her ear. Sometimes someone will just say something and it reminds me of her and her pleasant God fearing ways. Today was one of those church...the pastor talked about those who are intercessors in prayer. He asked if we could name a person we know prays for us. I thought of beloved grandma. I wrote her name beside my notes...I followed by writing...I miss you.
Dear Lord...I don't even know if you can send a message to my grandma tonight. But if you can, please tell her I love her and I'm thinking of her. I miss her with all my heart and I can't say I know of a single person who has ever or will ever pray for me as much as she did. Please bless her richly my Lord and ask her please if she will meet by the tree of life when I arrive to my final home. I want to walk hand and hand with her and talk awhile. I want her to show me heaven. I want her to escort me to my room which you have prepared for me in glory. I know now how much you must of missed your son when you sent him here for a little while to die for me. It probably seemed like forever before you held him in your arms again. I can't wait for you to come again my love and my Lord!


mm1985 said...

Beautiful...I have tears in my eyes. I bet your Grandma and mine our friends now too :o)

Love you!

Joy said...

I really miss her too. She was lovely in everyway. Soon and very soon Shannon.
Love, J