Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Desire

Some people crave chocolate. Others may crave a good salty potato chip. Yet for others it may be some good hot wings. I too love anything sweet. At times, I just have to eat something with sugar to satisfy my desire. Although with God’s help, I am trying desperately to curb this unhealthy habit. It wouldn’t be so bad to just have a little something sweet every once in a while, but I seem to overindulge too often.

After I tucked my children in bed last evening, I couldn’t wait to return downstairs and just have some quiet moments with Jesus. The feeling struck me much the same as those insane cravings to fulfill my sweet tooth. It was with great excitement and anticipation I turned the lights off except for a small table lamp. The butterfly in my stomach subsided as I threw the blanket over my legs and began to breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. I just wanted to meet my Savior. I wanted his peace to abound in every beat of my heart.

My quiet time was interspersed with the sound of my voice lifting up audible prayers to my Lord. I just needed to talk to my best friend for awhile and bask in his never ending love. The moments were precious and my desire fulfilled. It brought such peace, I actually fell asleep.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray you would continue to let me desire time with you. Let me thirst for you to refresh my soul. Remind me Lord to slow down and look up. Only you can squelch the busyness of life as you draw me to sit at your feet.


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