Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amazing Grace

I’ve been writing a lot lately. It’s a memoire about me and the pain and anguish I endured as a child, but also what made God sad and what made God happy. The book will be a journey for anyone who wants to find them self one step closer to home…home being heaven. I myself have opened wounds I thought I had forgiven and now find God healing me once again. This is a far cry from the little girl who desperately wondered if anyone heard her pleas from behind the hazel eyes and long brown hair. I will never forget the sadness. It haunts me still today as I still grieve what could have been, but also I rejoice in knowing how far God has brought me. He taught me how to break the chains of generational sin and give my children a life of love and grace as my Jesus has freely given me.  His grace is amazing and so I leave you with one of my most favorite songs. Praise God my chains are gone and I have been set free!

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sandraleann said...

This post really touched my heart! And the song...perfect. Thanks for blessing!