Monday, January 17, 2011

O Great God

I spent the better part of today writing. It has taken me a long time to finally pen down what it is God wants me to write into a book. I’m now sure I am on the right path because the pain cuts deep as I relive within my mind the fear and turmoil I lived growing up as a young child. I have shed many tears these past few weeks as the words spill from my heart. I ask that all of my followers, friends, and family please keep me and this book in your prayers. I know it will help heal me even more, but I know God wants me to write this to help heal others as well. God made beauty from the ashes of my life and I know he can do that for anyone not matter what the circumstance, tragedy, or pain you have been through or are now experiencing in your life.

“He brought me out of darkness and the deepest gloom and broke away the chains.”

Psalm 107:14

No matter how deep the pain may pierce your heart...know our God is greater and close enough to hear you now. So fall on your knees and speak, weep, and be comforted by the Great I Am. Even though he already knows every word you will say, he still loves the sound of your voice. The voice he gave you when he kissed you sweetly upon the forhead and set you in your mother's womb.

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