Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Untouched Beauty

Tonight the first big snow storm arrived to our area. My two youngest have already gone outside sledding on the short steep hill in our picturesque back yard as the big fluffy flakes danced gingerly in the night sky. I hope to be up bright and early tomorrow morning to sit with a warm brew snuggled between the palms of my hands and take in the beauty of the new snow from our bay windows. I might even venture out and take a few snapshots. The photograph above is a picture taken near my home last winter during our record snowfall season.

Honestly, I hope all of you will take a few moments today and reflect upon God's beauty which is all around us.  Whether it is the fresh snow, the touch of the warm rays of the sun upon your cheek, or maybe the sound of your child's giggle...be at peace...take it in...and realize the blessings God gives each and every day.

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