Monday, April 4, 2011

My Friend Depression

Is it alright to just feel sad as I do today? I miss dear friends and long for my family, but yet all at the same time I am happy within my heart. It is my mind which causes such grief. Sometimes I think I know how my grandma felt those lonely days sitting at her kitchen table with her Bible open reading God’s promises to keep her going. I do that often for long periods of time. I have a friend called depression which I battle more than I would like. I am begging the Lord to let the sun come out today that I might soak its rays upon my face and think of Him.

Please don’t feel badly for me. This too shall pass. I am just in a period of readjusting my medicine, but I dislike this very much and sometimes question why the Lord just doesn’t heal me. But it is my thorn to bear and with Him I shall overcome and my mind will be at peace once again for my Savior constantly whispers in my ear just how much He loves me.

My dear friend in Iowa, Michelle, who God granted for our roads to cross and whom I miss with all my heart, posted this song on Facebook this morning. I think it was meant just for me and maybe just for you too!

Verse 1
There is a hope that burns within my heart
That gives me strength for ev'ry passing day
...A glimpse of glory now revealed in meager part
Yet drives all doubt away
I stand in Christ with sins forgiv'n
And Christ in me the hope of heav'n
My highest calling and my deepest joy
To make His will my home

Verse 2
There is a hope that lifts my weary head
A consolation strong against despair
That when the world has plunged me
In its deepest pit
I find the Savior there
Through present suff'rings future's fear
He whispers courage in my ear
For I am safe in everlasting arms
And they will lead me home

Verse 3
There is a hope that stands the test of time
That lifts my eyes beyond the beck'ning grave
To see the matchless beauty of a day divine
When I behold His face
When suff'rings cease and sorrows die
And ev'ry longing satisfied
Then joy unspeakable will flood my soul
For I am truly home

Misc 1
When suff'rings cease and sorrows die
And ev'ry longing satisfied
Then joy unspeakable will flood my soul
For I am truly home


mm1985 said...

Shannon, I'm so thankful this song ministered to your heart. I love you and miss you too. I have cried tears...wishing we could sit at my kitchen table and drink some coffee, pray, and just spend some time together. I know the Lord will help you get through this time...thank you for sharing your heart with us.

Love and hugs,

Sarah R said...

Hi Shannon, I'm so sorry you're going through a bout of depression right now. I'm not immune to this myself. It gives me a wonderful reason to cling to the Lord whole heartedly, and sometimes that is all I have truly have.
My son is doing pretty good lately, thank you so much for asking. He was "suspended" this past week because he punched a bully in the face who tried to steal his lunch. The school has a no tolerance policy which means that good kids who stand up for themselves end up being suspended along with the bully. It makes me sick. We did some labwork last week because he is gaining a ton of weight on this medication he has now. We are praying it is not a thyroid issue.
How is your lovely daughter these days?