Thursday, July 28, 2011

When the Rooster Crows

God is up to something…He always is up to something, but for some reason in the midst of the doings of everyday life I feel as though I can see him weave meticulously the direction of my life. It wouldn’t be obvious to some, but to others with the intent on a day to day basis to see God smile and cry…I sense his sweet nudge to press on.

I have had too many “roosters crowing” in my ear. You remember the story…Peter denies Jesus thrice and the rooster crows. I am sure well after the famous incident in which Peter wept bitterly over, every time he heard a rooster crow thereafter, he was reminded of his sin. And I am sure like all humans; he felt shameful once again…beat himself up again…and wondered why he did such a thing…again. Does this sound familiar? This guilt is nothing but Satan…the father of lies…as he tries to convince us we are no good and despicable unworthy souls. It’s one of his best tools to make us drop our heads in shame and feel as though we cannot do the work of God set before us. But remember…

Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world…

                                                         ~I John 4:4

In this world you will have trouble

But take heart…Christ has overcome the world!

                             ~John 16:33

When you hear the rooster crow and it tells you you’re insignificant, no good, unable, and unworthy…speak these scriptures out loud and be ye thankful unto the Lord. Christ alone will take the negative away and fill your cup with joy and love. And don’t take for granted those God has placed in your life…it is not by accident…not by chance…but his intent to use these God chasers to help you along your journey. Never go it alone!  

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you today and ask that anyone who has read this and is struggling

 within in their mind that you would make things clear for them.

 Help them to realize just how special they are to you.

After all, you breathed them into life and care more for them than anyone else.

Lord, please let them take the time to sit awhile with you in prayer and reading your Word…

let them thirst and hunger for you like never before.

 I ask that you fill their cup this day with your peace and grace so they might know they are loved by the mighty and great I AM!



ShadedGaming said...

Agreed - very Spiritual.

Valenchia said...

Reading your blog is so reminiscent of my own life's struggles and issues. I don't want to say we could be twins, but I identify with you in so many ways. I pray your day is filled with gladness and joy as God works His way with you!

Grace Through the Fog