Wednesday, July 20, 2011


When is the sacred torn from your life? Maybe for some this statement might mean the loss of a child. Maybe to others a divorce you didn’t expect and yet others maybe a chronic health issue that keeps you from being what you once were. It’s like a thorn pushed deep within your flesh and just when you think you have learned to walk with that depth of pain…something or someone comes along and hits the thorn causing greater anguish and reminding us how human we are and just how much we need Jesus.

Sometimes for me the thorn embeds so deeply within my heart…it seems permanent…irremovable…and everlasting. The grief is overwhelming and the desperation leaves my mind spinning as I wonder how I overcome the pain.

And then it happens…

somewhere in the midst of the fog which forbids me to see my own hand in front of me…

out of nowhere…

I feel His amazing touch.

It is unmistakable, warm, and lovely in every way.

And soon even though I can’t see my hand I see his nail pierced palm, as his finger which made the very stars I see in the night sky, wipe my fragile tears away. He soothes my sadden soul and bids me to come close and sit awhile with Him. He hums familiar hymns like Amazing Grace and soon I hear the words whispered gentle in perfect pitch. My forever friend…Jesus… comforts me like none other. He never…never…never…turns away from me. He stays right by my side, down in the trenches of my wretched sin with his hand outstretched just waiting…waiting to hold me in his loving arms. This is how I know what it is like to be held…to be loved unconditionally…and know my Jehovah-Shalom…the Lord of my Peace.

Thank you my best friend and first love…your beloved daughter Shannon!

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Elizabeth said...

Awesome! Thank you for sharing your gift of writing and your heart.