Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Heaven...I Can Only Imagine ~ MercyMe w/ London Symphony Orchestra

I love to dream about heaven. It brings such peace to my soul as I let my imagination roar as a lion. Heaven will be all the sweet things that I see…rainbows, butterflies, the smiles of my children, blue skies, sun, birds, the array of beautiful colors seen in the flowers, and the dew upon the grass. Heaven will be all the sweet things I smell…apple pie baking in the oven, the fragrance of a fresh rain, the lilacs in bloom, my children as babies, and the unique smell of grandmas home. Heaven will be all the sweet things I touch…holding my child’s hand, the kiss of my husband’s lips upon mine, the hug between family and friends, the wind felt on my face, the sand between my toes. Heaven will be all the sweet things I hear…birds singing, my children laughing, the breeze fluttering the leaves, the rhythm of the ocean breaking onto the shore, and music of any kind. Heaven is the taste of all I love…chocolate, pizza, fine wine, homemade ice tea, and of course coffee!

All these things I am sure will be in heaven, yet heaven will also be so much more. Peace will abound and sorrow will be extinct. The only tears I think you will see are those of pure joy. The music will be absolutely outstanding. I hope to talk with those I have only read about like John, Paul, Peter, and Esther. I will see those I have missed so dearly…my grandma Bowser and many more. It will be fellowship, celebration, and jubilant hearts. The souls of all who enter His gates will be so full of praise for the one and only…Jesus! The streets of gold will shine, but I can’t wait to walk the winding river and sit under the tree of life and bask in the presence of His holiness. But the one thing I long for most is to meet my best friend Jesus and clean His feet with the tears of joy from my eyes and dry them with the locks of my hair. I hope He knows just how much I love Him and long to see Him! Yes, heaven is the place a long to be. It will be my final home forever more!

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