Monday, April 8, 2013

A Good Day

So, I am sitting here in the quietness of the early evening…daylight  still makes its presence known and the soft breeze of spring flows past the swaying curtain to touch the skin of my face. The smell of the fresh air awakens my soul and fills me with peace as the birds sing in the tree beyond the window pane.
Looking forward to this view of my front yard in a few short weeks!
It is in this moment of tranquility; I am reminded most of what it must be like in heaven. But instead of birds singing, angels will praise in harmony sweet adoration to the King who gave His life for me…who gave His life for you. I can’t imagine…or should I say…what I imagine… will not come close to the gloriousness which will be seen and heard on that day of homecoming.

Today was a good day and I just want to breath in deeply, exhale slowly, and just take it all in and remember how it feels to remind me when the not so good days come…and they will come…that the good day waits just around the corner as I continue this journey called life walking daily hand in hand with my Savior Jesus.

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