Sunday, November 9, 2008

How to Pray

It seems many of us struggle

from time to time

about how we are to pray.

Just follow this simple acronym

as you lift your heart in prayer

Praise Him,

Repent and confess,




Praise God with a thankful heart!
•God gave us Jesus!
John 3:16

•God never leaves us!
Deuteronomy 31:6

•God lavishes His love upon us!
Ephesians 1:6

•What are you thankful for?

Repent and ask for forgiveness!
•All have sinned a fall short!
Romans 3:23

•Forgive and you will be forgiven!
Mark 11:25

•Confess your sins to Jesus.
Be specific: lies, disrespect,
disobedience, sneakiness.

Ask and receive!
•Seek and find!
Luke 11:9&10

•Ask Jesus to help you or
someone you love.

Yield your life to God!
•The Holy Spirit will guide you!
John 14:26

•Have faith and believe!
Matthew 17:20

Most of all remember

the friend we have in Jesus

and how he longs to hear

from us each and every day.

What are you waiting for...

pull up and empty chair

and talk as if Jesus were sitting

next to you


be real,

be true,

most of all

just be you!


C. Beth said...

Great post!

Also, my daughter was a HUUUUGE Go Fish Guys fan for quite awhile. I don't know if she just overdid it or what, but she hasn't wanted to listen to the CD or watch the DVD in awhile. I'm hoping she decides she's in the mood for them again soon. It's great stuff! :)

God bless--thanks for commenting on my blog.

Beth (The One Minute Writer)

mm1985 said...

Love it! Thank you!