Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Facts about Me

Michelle at Ripples of Peace has tagged me for this fun and interesting MeMe.


1. I once asked a mother of twins if they were identical...they were boy and girl twins...lol...very blonde moment!

2. I love to cut things by hand on a wooden cutting board with a big butcher knife!

3. Love coconut!

4. Participated in Junior Miss contestant as a junior in high school. I missed the drees rehearsal because of a basketball game! I'm no beauty queen.

5. I once went on a walk with my cousins on a country road in Western Pennsylvania. We were chased down by a very large German Shepherd. I pushed my younger cousins to the ground so I could climb the tree, but I wet my pants...they didn't...lol!

6. Threw a wet tea bag on my parents white ceiling in the kitchen and made tea bag footprints. My brothers thought it was so funny...mom didn't...lol!

7. My younger brother and I decided to make popcorn on the stove top for the Friday night football game. We forgot the oil....lots of smoke....lol...moved the pan of burnt popcorn off the burner and set it on the plastic table cloth....the pan stuck to the plastic table cloth...in a panic we took the whole mess to the barn and hid it so mom and dad wouldn't know what we had done. However, we couldn't cover up the smell of burnt popcorn....lol!

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