Monday, August 24, 2009

Danger Ahead

After reading the piece, "Danger Ahead", at the Titus 2 ministry blog, I've linked up with them today to also let parents and even grandparents know how important it is to plant seeds of Godly truth and wisdom into our children and grandchildren. It is equally important to protect their heart and minds from a sin sick society whos norm has become sexually explicit and violent.

My own kids have gotten angry at me for not allowing them to watch certain TV shows or movies. I have strict rules and guidelines. I am always aware of what they are watching and have never allowed a TV in any of their bedrooms. I hardly ever buy magazines any more and if by chance I see one of interest and do buy it...I go through the entire magazine taking out any ads that might influence my boys mind in a bad direction. Even simple ads for bras or underwear can make a mans mind wonder into shameful areas of sin.

I remember when my kids were little, Disney movies were all the rage, and probably still are today. I use to think if it was put out by Disney it must be family friendly. Don't be dooped as I was many years ago. Upon watching "101 Dalmatians" with them, after the first twenty-five minutes of the movie the words dumb, stupid, and idiot had been repeated so many times between the characters in a mean and derogatory manner, I had to get up and turn the movie off and declare it unfit for my children to watch. My children did not like my decision, but it did not sit right with my spirit for them to continue to watch this movie.

My oldest son is now fourteen years old and a freshmen in high school. He is a gentleman who does love the Lord and knows as a man he needs to protect his eyes from things that are unbeholding to the Lord. A book I would like to suggest for mothers of teen boys to get for their sons is, "Every Young Mans Battle" by Stephen Arterburn. Mr Arterburn has also written an adult men's version called, "Every Mans Battle".

None of us has all the answers on how to raise our children. Each of us will make our fair share of mistakes. But one thing I know for sure, God does have all the answers and I must seek Him daily and ask Him for the wisdom in guiding my children to grow in the knowledge and love for the Lord Jesus.


Beth in NC said...

Shannon. I totally agree with you. I stopped by Cosmopolitan magazines back in the early 90's because of the smut in them. I asked the Lord if there was anything in my house that needed to go years ago -- and He told me I had a Cosmopolitan magazine in the bottom of a trunk. I thought, "Oh, I'm making that up in my mind" but sure enough, there it was. I threw it away!

Funny you mentioned Disney. I did too. Come visit me post too.


shopannies said...

My son who is now 17 loves the lord as well but there are temptations that many of us would never dream of once when he was in junior high I found his dads sports illustrated as well as a the sears catalog in my sons bedroom drawer. We did not ask questions just had a small conversation with him now he is a charming young man who looks beyond body and beauty into a young girls personality. Your influence on your children will allow you to reap the reward one day as well

Linda said...

I didn't win the battle with the TV shows with dumb, stupid etc. It really gets to me as well. I think most cartoons are like that. I think the same of Disney, didn't like Disney channel for a long time either. Though now with Miley Cyrus I am getting used to it.

Donna said...

Thanks for the book info...will check that out! As a country we have become de-sensitized to these images and's the norm, but it doesn't have to be...thank you for your willingness to share!