Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Waiting for God

They were jealous of the “little dreamer” and wanted to kill him, but decided to throw him in the cistern. I’m sure Joseph was terrified, bewildered, and asked God why as he sat in the empty pit. At the time, Joseph just didn’t understand the plan God had for him to become King of Egypt.

We all have also been in the cistern from time to time terrified, bewildered, and asking God why. We need to realize that God puts us in the cistern not to do us harm or hurt us, but to rejuvenate us with his refreshing rain. He desires to fill us up with “spiritual rain” and when He is ready…He brings us out of the cistern more capable to walk through the challenges, trials, and joys this life brings our way ready and able for the work God has planned far in advance for us to do…just like Joseph.

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