Sunday, April 18, 2010


So today, I got cold feet. I went to church all prepared for a morning of fellowship with my Lord and following the service we were to go to a new member class. I couldn’t do it. I got myself so worked up about the new member class…we left after Sunday school and didn’t even go to the service.

I question myself and my own motives for wanting to become a member. Why do I feel the need to be a member? The only reason I could come up with… I want to feel like I belong. After all, there is nothing in the Bible calling us to be members of denominations. All denominations are manmade…not God ordained. I’ve never read the words Catholicism, Lutheranism, Methodist…just to name a few…in the Bible. Do I really have to become a member of a religion to feel as if I belong or should I be content in knowing I belong to Jesus?

I can’t stand church politics! I abhor it! I’ve seen way to many people get hurt including myself. So to be a member to gain the right to vote on congregational issues or hold a position of leadership…I’m not interested. least not now. God would have to do a great work in me to convince me otherwise.

I am regretful that I choose to leave this morning without going to the service. I have missed my best friend Jesus these past weeks with the busyness of life, but I have spent some time with Him this afternoon in contemplation. His peace is awesome!

"My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him."

Psalm 62:1

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