Friday, April 16, 2010

Victory Again

I keep try'in to be perfect,

Think I'm go'in to loose my mind,

As Satan beats me down,

I hear him speak his lies,

Tell'in me I'm no good,

I'm useless,

I'll never be...

Who are you I ask,

To speak to me so unkind,

Do you not know who I am,

I am a child of the Most High!

I'm good...

because He said I'm good!

I'm useful...

because He gifted me to be so!

I'll be...

Because He created me!

For He is my Sustainer,

Lifter of my head,

My Healer,

My Strong Arm,

He is on my side!

For if Jesus is for me...

Who can be against me!

At the name of Jesus,

I heard his voice no more,

and peace arose,

like the sun at dawn,

on Easter morn,

and victory prevailed once more

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