Friday, April 23, 2010

One Glorious Morn

I spent some marvelous time with the Lord this morning. I sat on my front porch in my comfy wicker rocking chair with steam billowing from my mug of fresh coffee. I sat quiet and breathed deeply desiring to take in all of God’s goodness that I saw before me, heard around, and felt as the cool morning air gently wafted and the warm sun hugged me from heaven.

It was glorious morning indeed and soon I could not help but sing softly beneath my breath a song from childhood…God is so good…God is so good…God is so good…He’s so good to me. He has been good to this child of His from the time I was young and sat staring out my bedroom window accepting where He had placed me…I would tell Him…

“You must think I’m strong enough Lord to endure such pain and suffering.”

These words would be followed by the same song…God is so good…God is so good…God is so good…He’s so good to me and then followed with…thank you Jesus…thank you Jesus…thank you Jesus…Your so good to me. It is a time in my life I would rather forget, but yet, a time that God built character in a young child of 10 years old.

He has never forsaken me. Never left me in the dust, but has picked me up and held me for awhile until I was ready to fly for him once again. And each time I allowed Him to console my aching heart and wipe my tears with the hem of His robe…He made me stronger and more able to live a life to love others as He had shown me so many times.

This picture above was his gift to me this morning. I took it soon after I finished my quiet time with Him. He blessed me once again!

God is so good and thank you Jesus!

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