Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Big Brother Right Again

Remember when you were little and there was nothing like your big brother or sister proving you wrong. Even worse,if you are the big brother or sister,having your younger sibling prove you wrong. Let's all rewind and replay the scene as we would leave the arena of embarassment in anguish with arms folded in disgust and billows of steam raging at full throttle from our ears and nose. While we stomped away, we heard the snickers and taunts of our kinfolk emphasize the magnitude of their rightness. remember!

Well, I was reminded only a few short moments ago of such a scenerio as my big brother has told me to push the limit with my writing. He critiqued a loving way. I am thankful for his input and value what he has told me. As a matter of fact, what he wrote back to me is worthy for everyone's eyes and not just my own. So here is his critique on my writing "Doorbell Ringing" my first post...

I think Jesus wants you to go further, dig deeper, and ask the harder questions. What would Jesus really do if you answered the door looking the way you do and spouting off to the kids, dog, and hubby. We heard him knock or even if you opened the door by chance and there HE is, look at it from Christ perspective when you opened the door. I am sure Christ is smiling the door is open and hope is filling the room. Engery begins to build at the door and everyone wonders what is going on becuase the silence is deafaning.

Then Jesus speaks; I am hear to help, what can I do for you right now? What would you say then? How would you act? Would you hurry him in the house so noone would see, fall to your knee in all the forgotten worship you have not shown, or maybe shout out to the neighborhood in a way that says, HEY! Look at me, he picked my house!

I would hope you would invite Christ in; not just because he holds the power of life and death, not because he is the Alpha and Omega, and not beacuse he is the Son of God. Mostly, because he is your friend! The one person who has NEVER judged the way you look or corrected you for yelling at someone too harshly. He's the kind of friend who goes to the luandry room, starts another load of wash while you're folding the clothes in the dryer. He's the kind of friend you will play a game with your kids while you go have a nuclear meltdown. He's the kind of friend you can celebrate best of every experience even when you have fallen 35,000 feet through the roof of your house, and each floor, only to arrive face first on the basement floor.

"I am always there for you my child. I will NEVER leave nor forsake you. Even when you can see me, feel me, or hope... I AM!"

Thanks big brother!

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