Sunday, January 13, 2008


Which do you choose?

There are those who ignore the clear signs of a child having Autism. They refuse to believe that there is anything different. Often times, this denial proceeds to embarrassment and shame of the Autistic child. The child suffers tremendously wanting only for you to try and understand their world. If only these people would realize how much early intervention would help the child begin to cope, their shame would turn to praise and peace would abound.

There are those who are angry about a child having Autism. These people point fingers of blame to others they believe have caused this turmoil within their family. They often concentrate more on "who did it" then the needs of the child. They forget the best solution lies within themselves...that love wins over all.

Then there are parents who have embraced their Autistic child in arms of love. Some days are tearful and weary, but they always rise up for the challenges that are ahead thanking God everyday for the beautiful gift he has given! A thankful heart is one that is filled with love that spills over to the child. These parents show devotion and zeal towards their child, but their passion touches the lives of those around them compelling others towards fondness and appreciation to all children affected by Autism.

A special thanks to all parents who are willing to make a difference in the life of a chld with Autism!

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