Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Doorbell Ringing

What a profound thing....I'm getting older. My kids are getting older. My husband is getting older. I ponder for a moment about time. What has passed and what I need to do right now to get me to what is on the agenda for tomorrow or maybe next week. All the while, I stay very busy often exhausting myself to misery on the couch by eight at night unable to locate joy on the remote and searching for something to watch on the tube that isn't a rerun.

My life seems out of whack at the moment with clean floors and undecorating after Christmas a top priority. I spent the entire day making piles of things to pack away and vowing never to use gold tinsel upon the tree again. Why? All in hopes for a good impression if someone perhaps came to the door? Utterly silly! I asked myself,

"What if Jesus came to the door today...what would He have thought?"

First, I would have probably yelled at my kids and my husband to grab the dog so he would not escape upon opening the door. Second, I would have realized I was still in my flannel pajamas at 2 pm and had not donned my face paint. Thirdly, no comb had run through my hair which was made fun of only moments earlier by my kids. Last, but not least I didn't even realize that Jesus was knocking because I was to busy running up the stairs informing my husband that he would have to answer the door.

Jesus has been knocking at my door wanting to talk awhile with me. Clean or unclean....Jesus will meet me right where I'm at this very moment. Christ knocks longing for me to open the door of my heart and talk awhile with Him. He is the answer to my unclean house. He is the only one who can rid me of the piles of packing I have accumulated.

Excuse me, my doorbell is ringing and I'm going to answer it this time!

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mm1985 said...

Dear Shannon,

Welcome back to the blogosphere! I will enjoy reading you blog and I know I will grow and learn a lot.