Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Birthday Girl

The flames flickered on the five candles which stood tall atop the fanciful cake. The chin of the birthday girl rested upon her hands as she stared with a broad smile at the sweet treat. The orange flames flickered as others around her sang...happy birthday...and they watched the candles light dance in her jubilant hazel eyes.

The picture was so clear and the colors so vivid. The joy could be felt and love could be seen even though I was only the dreamer. I was in a close up frame watching a birthday celebration for a five year old according to the candles on the cake, but the birthday girl...she was much older indeed with a familiar sense as if I should know her. She was stunningly beautiful and perfect in every way from the strands of her long hair to the white of her manicured nails.

The Giver of the dream panned the camera out so I might capture the view from a further distance. As the picture grew larger, more birthday cakes began to appear, more candles flickered, and more birthday girls but also birthday boys sat in front of their specially prepared cake. The room was massive unlike nothing I had ever seen. There was so much much glory I could hardly take it all in.

I scanned the room and my eye caught hold of Him. He was donned in a purple robe, crowned with gold and diamonds, and breathtakingly beautiful. It was my Jesus! He lifted his arms with definitive gracefulness in an upward motion and delightfully said,

"Happy birthday my children!"

I knew it was heaven and Christ the King was celebrating the anniversary of the day some of his children finally came home. I realized this must happen every day for every day new souls enter His presence.

The camera panned back in for a close up of the first birthday girl in the beginning of the dream. This time the picture focused on the name which appeared on the top of the cake. It said,

"Happy Birthday Mayme!"

I still grieve with a heavy heart some days the loss of my grandmother, Mayme Dominica Bowser, who with no doubt walked through the pearly gates nearly five years ago. Unfortunately, I realize it is for my own selfish reasons that I wish she were still here with me. I realized through the image of the dream I was looking at the anniversary of her death all wrong. I should not mourn, but celebrate the anniversary of her birth to heaven's home!
I love you grandma and can't wait to walk the winding river holding your hand and sit under the tree of life and talk awhile with you!

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