Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chains Loosed, Freedom Abounds

My friend was excited yesterday because her mother was coming for a visit. It brought such pleasure to my heart to see the spark of joy in her eyes and the bounce in her voice as she eagerly anticipated a chance to catch up with the one who held her in the womb...her mother. I only stayed a short while and as I traveled back home in the car my mind wondered what it would be like to joyfully anticipate my mom's arrival for a visit.

O how I long for a mothers love. I want to imagine the touch of pure joy upon my face from the stroke of her hand and sweet eyes of adoration that pierce the soul. Despite this deep longing within, I have to find the joy, have peace, and understand what I am to learn from my Heavenly Father in the midst of the pain.

This I know...MY JESUS LOVES ME and I have felt the touch of the Master's hand! He has blessed me with three wonderful gifts in my children. He has entrusted me with their care for they truly belong to Him. My children will know the touch of a mother's love upon their cheek. They have already seen the eyes of mom's adoration piercing their hearts with praise. They know they are loved not just by me and their father, but more importantly by Jesus. The generational chains have been loosed and freedom does abound and the vicious cycle has been broken! Praise be to God!

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