Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope Floats

I’ve been pushed in the ocean where the current is fast and I feel like I’m being sucked under. I tread…I tread with all my might to stay above the waves which crash upon me and throw me to and fro. My hands flap frantically back and forth, back and forth just below the surface of the water.

I suddenly remember someone had told me once, when you struggle in the water and feel as though you may drown…just float on your back…conserve your energy….and help will arrive soon. I did. I relaxed my body frame and became buoyant. As my head rested in the water, I looked up. And there He was…my Jesus. He seemed to come from nowhere appearing from the clouds of blue. He said,

“Here I am…just keep your eyes on me. I will not allow you to drown in your struggle. I never leave…I never forsake…those who call me friend and Father for, I AM. I’m greater than any person, any problem, any obstacle which tries to hinder or harm you for, I AM. There are none who have come before me and none which shall come after me who are mightier than I for, I AM. And because I AM and you are my child, you are more than a conqueror in me…Christ Jesus!”

When we take our eyes off of Jesus, we begin to tread water thinking we can save ourselves. But all too soon tiredness sets in and we feel we might drown in the problems life brings. Remember…just float…turn your eyes towards Jesus…and help will arrive soon for our Savior never leaves nor forsakes us in our greatest time of need!


mrsforeman said...

Wow, what imagery! I can just feel myself being supported by this thing called "Hope". What a blessing you are to me! What a source of hope! Been praying for you...

Dina said...

Great message!