Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tomorrow, Now, and Yesterday

Life simply happens sometimes and we have no control over circumstances, but events which have occurred in the past week or so have left my husband and I scratching our heads and thinking...could it possibly get any worse. I've overheard my husband comment to his sister,

"It can only go up from here."

We've had some sleepless nights. We've been angry. I've cried alot.

I was awakened last night with the words of a song I loved years ago by Amy Grant..."First Love" from her Never Alone album. The words go like this...

You are my first love sweet and gentle as the night
Just being near You now is like a lullaby
All that I have I'd give away to follow You
I can't imagine having life without you
Oh. When all these worldly battles seem to never cease
You simply lift me up and rest me in Your peace
I heard some people say you're only in my mind
I hope that someday You choose to find them.
All other loves will slowly fade like dying flame
Tomorrow, now, and yesterday You're still the same
I wait with longing heart to see You come again
Your sweet and tender love will never end.
I thank my Lord for his brilliance and light amidst the tears! I am grateful that even though my circumstances may change...My Jesus never does! This song was just a reminder to me from Him about what is important and this too shall pass.

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Contest Chris said...

Keep falling back on him. He'll catch you every time.