Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prayer at the North Window

I have been wrestling with God these past couple of weeks wondering why he has not brought us a buyer for our home in Iowa. We moved to Pennsylvania this summer and bought our current home in July. We have been making double mortgage payments now for seven months and as you can expect, it has taken a toll on our finances.

I am determined even more so to continue in earnest prayer and ask the Lord to send us a buyer. So much so, I have dedicated myself to at least one time per day kneeling or laying prostrate at the north window of my home in prayer over this matter and many other pressing issues concerning family, church, and our country.

Why the north window? I'm not really sure, except to where heaven's home is for this earthly vessel of mine. It is the closest spot in which I look upwards and seek my God. I will wrestle with the Lord my God as Jacob did and I will not quit asking until the Lord returns a blessing unto my family, church, and country.

Will you join me at the north window and wrestle with God for issues of great need in your own life, for your church, and for your country? Why not? You can never go wrong with prayer!


JesusRulzMe said...

Hello precious sister!

I'm so delighted that you joined the CWO blogroll! I'm also delighted that you rec'd a blessing from reading the articles. Incredible women of faith....oh, they all inspire me to press on!

Also,I will pray with you. I won't wrestle with God in it though (like Jacob, cuz he dun got his hip broke), but I WILL be like the persistent widow (Luke 18:1-8)and humbly beg God over and over again for a buyer for your home in Iowa. ♥

Sitting at His feet with you,

Toknowhim said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story today at the Internet Cafe... Actually, I know many women that share your same struggle... I am sure that it makes it difficult to be honest with your struggles when you get negative feedback from others, but I still believe we should share with others so that we may encourage one another...

Blessings, and thanks so much for participating in today's question..