Monday, September 6, 2010

Sweet Grandma

I’ve been missing her again. I’m not sure why my mind has wondered to memories of my sweet grandma, but it’s comforting. The thoughts of her bring such warmth to my soul and often I just close my eyes and remember…remember her hands…olive Italian skin, her Bible open on her kitchen table, and yes…her wonderfully scrumptious molasses cookies. But most I remember her prayerful heart. I like to think she taught me how to pray as she penned many heartfelt letters to me over the course of my life. She prayed me through my life in those letters, shared Bible scripture which I still hold onto dearly, and most of all…she loved me…she truly loved me through those letters. It was if her hands reached out from the pages and hugged me.
I get homesick to see her. Do you know what I mean? This house I now live in is not my true home. Home to me is heaven and I know that’s where she is at this very moment. And…well…I get homesick for heaven because I know I’ll get to see her again. Even though she is not here on this Earth with me any longer, she brings me closer to home when I think about her. I dream of what it must be like for her to be with Jesus and the embrace we will have when we are reunited. But for now, I will look forward to the day when I see her again and I’ll continue to be happy for her because she is home.

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